Facilitating thoughtful, effective giving across borders.

As global travel, trade, and communications expand, multiplying connections among people around the planet, growing numbers are being inspired to help others further afield or more globally. The borderless giving alliance Myriad, created in 2021, has become an essential tool for those philanthropists, corporates, and organisations wishing to act with confidence and efficiency for the common good, all over the world. To represent the alliance in Europe, the King Baudouin Foundation launched Myriad Europe in April 2024.

Working with Myriad Europe offers the security of knowing that beneficiaries are fully vetted by partners with expert local knowledge on the ground, and a vibrant global ecosystem of philanthropists, advisers, and changemakers trading best practices, smart ideas, and innovation, as well as working in concert with policymakers to broaden avenues for cross-border giving. It includes locking in tax incentives for giving in donors’ own countries while transmitting funds abroad.

Concretely, Myriad Europe brings economies, efficiencies, and confidence, to the family foundation in Sweden that wishes to contribute to local education in Sri Lanka, to the multinational seeking to better align its global ESG giving with its workforce and stakeholders, all around the world, to the rural development cooperative in Nigeria looking to offer benefactors in North America simpler and cheaper means to help them, or to individuals and families who would like to make life better in the country where they have family roots through making a legacy that will have lasting impact. The alliance will stimulate international art giving.
By representing the Myriad Alliance in Europe, Myriad Europe, launched by KBF, will allow the following opportunities:
– Streamlined funding channels for charitable associations around the globe who seek efficient access to donors in major economies;
– Fast routes for funding trusted local organisations responding to catastrophic events, notably through the expanding DisasterLink facility;
– An extensive global network that helps corporations engage with key stakeholders to drive forward philanthropic goals and achieve lasting impact;
– Estate planning, creating bequests to ensure that legacies live on;
– Immediate local tax benefits for donors who may then distribute grants wherever in the world they choose, ensuring individual or family philanthropy aligns with donors’ passions and the world’s changing needs;
– Art giving, facilitating cultural enrichment and ensuring the preservation and appreciation of artworks in major museums for generations to come;
– A seamless legal and financial network for member organisations, ensuring expertise that gives donors and beneficiaries confidence and transparency;
– A permanent exchange of ideas and inspiration, bringing donors, charitable organisations, and philanthropic foundations together to share best practices and generate creative approaches to the challenges of cross-border giving.
Myriad Europe and its fellow members of the Myriad Alliance are working together to make it simpler, easier, and safer to make a difference abroad.

Our philanthropy advisors propose personalised solutions, according to needs and preferences, including one-time gifts, recurring donations through Donor Advised Funds, or planned giving via Legacy Funds. They also specialise in identifying optimal fundraising strategies that benefit both donors and recipient organisations.
Through European Friends Funds at Myriad Europe, we facilitate tax-deductible donations across Europe for non-European organisations.