Facilitating thoughtful, effective giving across borders.

The King Baudouin Foundation launches Myriad Europe, marking its commitment to unlocking the full potential of international philanthropy in association with its partners in the Myriad Alliance. Myriad becomes an essential tool for philanthropists, corporates, and organisations all over the world wishing to act with confidence and efficiency for the common good, in their own country or further afield. Ensuring best use of local fiscal incentives as well as compliance with growing regulatory strictures on international financial movements. Myriad Europe, represented by the King Baudouin Foundation, and its fellow members of the Myriad Alliance are working together to propose cross-continental opportunities and global philanthropic endeavours and to make it simpler, easier, and safer to make a difference overseas.

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Myriad Europe is a ‘philanthropy architect’ – we craft personalised solutions for European donors with international interests and for foreign nonprofits seeking to raise funds in Europe. See all of our core services.