Press Release

Earthquake in Morocco: solidarity with the victims

September 9, 2023

The powerful earthquake that struck Morocco on the night of 8th September has resulted in a great and urgent need for assistance. In addition to aid that will be provided by our governments and humanitarian organizations, the King Baudouin Foundation is activating its philanthropic tools to facilitate solidarity with the victims. By doing so, the Foundation also wants to pay tribute to Belgium’s warm relationship with the Moroccan community.

Thousands of people in Morocco are in urgent need of shelter, food, drinking water, medicines and healthcare. Similar to our activities following the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria in early 2023, the King Baudouin Foundation is making its philanthropic tools and network available to individuals, companies and organizations wishing to show their solidarity with the victims of the devastating earthquake in Morocco. The Foundation is also mobilizing its partners in the Myriad Philanthropic Alliance to facilitate donations and strengthen solidarity.

Would you like to make a donation to support the victims of the earthquake via the King Baudouin Foundation?

You can make a donation via the Morocco earthquake Donors Circle that we have set up. The funds raised will initially be used for emergency humanitarian aid and will also support:

  • The Red Crescent Morocco which is mobilizing its teams to provide emergency support to the affected communities, by supplying first aid services, providing psychosocial support and helping transport the injured to hospital.
  • The Banque Alimentaire, a recognized public utility foundation in Morocco, is gearing up to help the victims of the earthquake. In close coordination with local authorities, they will send blankets, mattresses, clothing and food to the affected communities.
  • The International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation has vast experience in responding to earthquake emergencies and recovery situations. Their priority is being given to food, drinking water, medical and hygiene kit distribution, as well as tents and blankets.

You can also make a gift by bank transfer to the King Baudouin Foundation’s account BE10 0000 0000 0404, using the structured communication +++ 623/3823/30057 +++

Donations of 40 euros or more entitle you to a tax certificate.

Would you like to help in another way?

Our Centre for Philanthropy will be happy to advise you and work with you to devise a tailor-made solution.

Contact Stéphanie Smets:, +32 2 549 61 53.

Thank you for your commitment!